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Uni-Form System


The Uni-Form System consists of  light weight panels which are effortless to move and assemble without the use of cranes. The panels are connected together with a lockpin, The unique design also allows it to climb wall heights. Panels can be fabricated with steel or plywood surface.

Wood-Beam System


The traditional wood-beam system is known for ease of assembly and disassembly, and the wood beams can also be replaced with aluminum for long-lasting usage

Maxipan System


This heavy-duty formwork is agile and easy to use. The same form can be used to pour walls and/or columns. It is ideal for walls with changing alignments and embedded columns because of its flexibility and dynamic molding

Climbing Systems

Any formwork produced by Al-Sandan can be climbable, whether made of wood or steel. This system can be used for two sided walls such as core walls or one sided walls such as basement walls

One-Side Systems


One-sided forms are very common in use for casting basement walls. It can be made of wood or steel and can be climbable. 



The Flexi-work system is used for casting circular walls. The plywood can be changed also to change the curvature of the wall This form can be climbable as well for continuous casting.

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